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 Emilee's Bio and Juliann

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Emilee's Bio and Juliann Empty
PostSubject: Emilee's Bio and Juliann   Emilee's Bio and Juliann I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 11, 2010 7:59 pm

Name- Emilee

Gender- Female

Age- Three years

Description- An average sized but petite female. Her coat is a creamy gold white color and her eyes are blue. She has white paws and a flower shaped mark on her right shoulder.

Personality- Shy. She's very smart and compassionate. Hates seeing killing and blood shed by members of the same group. Hates attacked other mobs as well, but would risk her lives for pups any day.

Was born as the child of a dominant. She lived a normal puphood until her mob became separated in an attack by a rival group. She was lost, and was taken into the other mob. She became fast friends with a pup her name named Juliann who was a little more bold- but after the group became separated in a storm, Emilee is desperately trying to find Juliann again.

Name- Juliann

Gender- Female

Age- Three years

Description- Her coat is a shade of golden brown. She's larger than the average female, but is very sleek. She has blue eyes.

Personality- Is very loyal and smart. She's fast and always has a good sense of humor. She's also a little head strong and sometimes bitter.
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Emilee's Bio and Juliann
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